Antonio Arraez S.L.: Where Tradition Meets Modern Delight in Every Sip

Antonio Arraez S.L. - London Newspaper

In the bustling landscape of London’s Spirits and Beverage Market, one name is making waves and challenging conventions – Antonio Arraez S.L. With a commitment to breaking down the barriers of snobbery and a dedication to producing exceptional beverages, Antonio Arraez S.L. has earned a well-deserved Gold Medal Award for their product, BALA PERDIDA PREMIUM BEER, at the prestigious London Awards 2023, hosted by London Newspaper.

At Antonio Arraez S.L., they boldly declare, “We don’t make beverages for the stuffy.” This statement reflects their irreverent, daring, and unconventional approach to the world of spirits and beverages. They have moved away from conventions, clichés, and snobbery that often shroud the industry. Instead, they firmly believe that good drinks are something that everyone should be able to enjoy, anytime, anywhere.

Their spirit is one of a scoundrel, unafraid to live life to the fullest, and it’s rooted in the idea that being different is not incompatible with doing things exceptionally well.

Throughout its history, Antonio Arraez S.L. has been led by three generations of the Arráez family, each with an uncanny ability to foresee the evolving needs of society. Today, the winery is in the capable hands of director and winemaker Toni Arráez Calabuig. Toni’s obsession lies in showcasing the untapped potential of native Mediterranean grapes when treated with respect and admiration. He looks to the past for inspiration while fearlessly pushing the boundaries of innovation.

Antonio Arraez S.L. offers a range of beverages designed to cater to a non-conformist audience. They have meticulously crafted different varieties and approaches, hailing from five designations of origin, all with one common denominator – enjoyment.

Antonio Arraez S.L. is not only redefining London’s Spirits and Beverage Market but also setting new standards for innovation and irreverence. Their commitment to producing exceptional beverages that defy convention has earned them the prestigious Gold Medal Award for BALA PERDIDA PREMIUM BEER at the London Awards 2023. With a passion for preserving tradition while embracing the future, they are putting an end to the seriousness that has historically overshadowed the industry. To explore their innovative and daring approach to spirits and beverages further, visit Antonio Arraez S.L.’s website.