Casa Arcaute SA de CV: Producer of Mezcal Maremoto

Mezcal Maremoto at London Newspaper

Casa Arcaute SA de CV was established in 2014, dedicated to sustainable production and international marketing of distillates of mezcals from the Mexican state of Oaxaca. Their passion and dedication today have led them to develop a brand: Maremoto, their first brand that reflects the symbol of royalty, which represents the lineage of their personally selected maguey varieties.

Maremoto (Water) is based on a product vision of clean and clear colors that perfectly symbolize a sense of elevation and spirituality of our premium quality using a symbol of purity and value that enhances our product. The MAREMOTO brand is certified by the government of Mexico within the Mezcal Quality Regulatory Council and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA or USFDA), following strict product quality controls.

Just this year, Casa Arcaute SA de CV joined Mezcal Artesanal Maremoto Espadin in London Awards 2021 and has received a Gold Award, awarded by

Mezcal Artesanal Maremoto Espadin has received a Gold Award in London Awards 2021, awarded by London Newspaper.
Mezcal Artesanal Maremoto Espadin has received a Gold Award in London Awards 2021, awarded by

The quality of their products, chemical-free, and never touch or been in plastic containers; by focusing on artisanal mezcals (100% Agave) and taking care of high-quality standards throughout the process of elaboration with: friendly taste, its perfumed aroma exploring sweet and citrus flavors. To mention some of the characteristics: Can drink as an aperitif, served as a digestive or at any time. With the certainty that can’t give you a hangover because their products are handmade, and you’ll still feel normal the next day.

According to Roberto Arcaute Rodriguez, director of Casa Arcaute SA de CV, gives them hope to find wholesale importer interested in their products since they have not exported to Europe yet. Mezcal Artisanal MAREMOTO is currently sold in Japan and Mexico.

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