Five European cities with the best breweries

Beer Breweries

If you enjoy a glass of cold beer after a long walk, these European cities are considered to be where the best breweries are.

5. Budapest, Hungary
The capital of Hungary is known for the first commercial brewery established in 1845 in Budapest. Although smaller Budapest breweries are not as popular as those in other cities on this list, this city still has great places for a good beer mug. Thus, small pubs are recommended, such as the Fot pub located in the Szimpla Kert beer park, famous for the fact that all people stand around and drink beer. Other breweries that are recommended and offer many different types of beer are “Csak a Jó Sörök”, “Beer”, “Paulaner Sörház”. Big beer lovers can also visit the largest brewery in Hungary, Dreher Brewery & Beer Garden, where beer is offered at very low prices.

4. Bamberg, Germany
This city is also known as the “City of Beer” because it houses eight breweries. Bamberg is also the best place to order Rauchbier – smoked beer, which is made by dryng cereals over an open flame. The city is protected by UNESCO so that not only can you drink great beer, but you also have something to enjoy. If you would also like to try the local specialties of the brewery that you would have to visit then there are “Fässla”, “Greifenklau”, “Klosterbräu” and “Brauerei-Spezial”.

3. Prague, Czech Republic
If you like beer then by now you must have tried some of the best Czech beers like “Pilsner Urquell”. Although large Czech breweries have so much production that they are found in stores around the world, the beer you have to try in Prague and which is completely unique is that of the small breweries of which there are many. So, for example, you would have to try beer from mini-breweries like “Pivovar Hostivar”, “Rukodělný Pivovárek Třebonice”, “Pivovarský Dům” and “U Medvídk u” in which you can drink one of the “strongest” beers in the world because there is 12.6 percent alcohol.

2. Dusseldorf, Germany
It may not be the most beautiful city in the world, but Dusseldorf certainly has some very nice places where you can have a beer. There are several breweries in the city that are very good and have a very fermented well known “Altbier” beer. That’s why you have to visit the Zum Uerige, Zum Schlüssel and Brauerei Ferdinand Schumache pubs to grab a beer with the Altbier beer in town.

1. Edinburgh, Scotland
Not only is Edinburgh beautiful, but it is also home to many pubs and pubs, including the most famous Innis & Gunn, Caledonian Brewery, Knops Beer Company, Kinneil Brew House, and Belhaven Brewery, the oldest brewery throughout the UK. If you are a true beer lover then it would not be a bad idea to visit the city of Aloa, located near Edinburgh, which houses the famous Williams Brothers Brewing Co.. Edinburgh also does not lag behind beer festivals, so you can visit the “Edinburgh Oktoberfest” and “Scottish Real Ale Festival” in this city.


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