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General informations

The journal is published by the international group Media International News LTD headquartered in London.

Address and Headquarters:

71-75 Shelton Street

Covent Garden




Official Company Number: 11727156


The site is primarily intended for professional readers (professional buyers, importers, distributors).

Our journalistic content is intended primarily to help them discover new quality brands around the world.

They can then buy, import and distribute the brands discovered by our news site by contacting suppliers and brands directly.

The website also organizes professional competitions for wines, drinks and consumables (chocolate, coffee, tea, etc.).

Each contest has its own registration dates, tastings, official results, available on our site in the corresponding menu.

The jury for each competition is composed of journalists, professional buyers (importers and distributors) and specialists.

Freedom of content

Journalists working for are independent and free to comment on all brands, products and other economic, political and social topics.

Other media communicates and shares information with other media in Europe and around the world.

The results of our competitions, in particular, are widely communicated to the media of all the countries of the world.

Changes to Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions may be modified and updated at any time. They are always available online at

Payment Terms

Registration to our competitions is free (Deposit £1 refunded after results if no award).

Payment is requested only for Gold and Silver Awarded products.

Payment is charged 8 days after results via email on the credit card used for the deposit at registration, if not done before via credit card or bank transfer.

Non Awarded products don’t pay any Fee (There is no marketing & communication for them)

If payment failed and is not done within 30 days after results via email, the recovery will be done by judicial means and a fee of 10% + 2% each month will be applied, as well as legal recourse fees from County Court and other proceedings.
The client will also be banned for life from our competitions.

For any amicable discussion, our teams are available all year round to answer you.

Contact and Informations

To contact us easily, you can use our general contact page.

We will respond as soon as possible.