Meals you need to try when you travel to Italy


As colorful as it is, Italy offers countless gastronomic options. That is why we have prepared meals that you must try when you are in this country. Of course, pizza goes without saying, which is why we omitted it by focusing more on some other Italian dishes. Because pasta land will serve you things you can’t imagine that are delicious.

1. Bigoli
Did you think spaghetti was delicious? Then you have not tried bigoli, a spaghetti that is a specialty of Venice and is adorned with slightly thicker noodles, similar to our grinders, which are usually made in a duck mix.

2. Ribollita
This “winter” soup that comes from Tuscany is loved by everyone. It is up to you to make it with, but the traditional one involves a mix of vegetables (kale and tomatoes primary), beans and old bread. You can add meat or fish at will, but if you want to stick to the original recipe then omit them. Just to get rest after long walks and sightseeing.

3. Risi e Bisi
Risi e Bisi means rice and peas. This dish is not something sophisticated, but it is very tasty. The ingredients are cooked in vegetable soup, and the result is a meal that is well balanced, light and a favorite among vegetarians.

4. Tortellini en Brodo
For many families in northern Italy, Tortellini en Brodo is a must-have meal on all occasions. They are served in a cream sauce and sprinkled with finely grated parmesan.

5. Canederli
They are made of bay bread, eggs, milk and meat. These spicy balls are also topped with clear soup. They are similar to our meatballs, only with less meat.


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