Millésime Chocolat: Exceptional Organic Vintage Chocolates

Millesime Chocolat at London Newspaper

Millésime Chocolat is located in a very precise geographical area in Liege, Belgium. Their chocolates are vintage and produced in limited quantities. An artisanal chocolate factory that works directly from cocoa beans to make it into tablets and only works with cocoa beans from plantations that respect nature and that reject thorough cultivation.

With their know-how and expertise, they have mastered all the artisanal chocolate manufacturing processes: from the selection of raw cocoa beans, through roasting to the making of finished products.

Millésime Chocolat has joined London Awards 2021 and has received a Gold and a Silver award, awarded by London Newspaper.


Uganda Dark 75% Rum – Semuliki Forest – 2019

Uganda Dark 75% Rum - Semuliki Forest - 2019 at London Newspaper.

These beans are harvested in Uganda in the Semuliki forest in Bundibugyo. The cocoa offers very cocoa notes as well as notes of dried fruits and red fruits, mixing in a slight bitterness. This cocoa is cultivated by 1000 local small farmers. The beans surprise with their delicate and aromatic taste.


India Dark 74% – Kaithapara – 2019

India Dark 74% - Kaithapara - 2019 at London Newspaper.

These beans come from Kaithapara, a village in Idukki, in Kerala in southern India. The region is famous for its spices. After the independence of India, different varieties of cocoa, mainly of the Forastero type were established. Harvested in the heart of the Velloor forest, this Kaithapara cocoa is a real Indian treasure.

Millésime Chocolat’s goal is to highlight its expertise from the choice of beans to the sale to consumers.

If interested in their vintage chocolates, visit their website by clicking here.


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