MontePalo 1919: An Aniseed Liqueur with 7 Botanicals and Spices

MontePalo 1919 at London Newspaper

Licor MontePalo 1919 is a centennial liqueur made according to the original recipe in an artisanal way and in small quantities. It contains 7 high-quality and natural botanicals and spices that are macerated and distilled. Its soft aniseed aroma with floral notes brings consumers back in time and its aniseed flavor gives way to botanicals whose protagonist is the orange blossom, which leaves an elegant taste that lingers in the mouth.

Ideal to drink alone with ice and a lemon peel. And also very versatile for many cocktails and to accompany coffee. No wonder why it was awarded a Gold Award in London Awards 2022 by

Licor MontePalo 1919 has received a Gold Award in London Awards 2022, awarded by

According to Ruben Monteagudo, the CEO of Monteagudo Fernandez SL and the Brand Manager of MontePalo, the liqueur is made by hand following the original recipe, made in small quantities to control the quality process, which makes it a very different product from the rest of its same category. The amount of botanicals and spices gives it a very characteristic flavor that leaves no one indifferent.

Currently, they are only selling in Spain. They joined London Awards with the hope to convince distributors of its success not only in London Awards but in all competitions and fairs they have joined, making it a novel product abroad and expanding their market in London. Not just in London but worldwide.

If interested, you may visit their website by clicking HERE.