Natural fertilizer from banana peel

Banana peel

Proper growth and beauty of plants require proper care and nourishment. The savings are mainly based on a number of additives such as minerals added to the soil. Fertilization or fertilizer can be of artificial and natural origin. It is important that it contains the necessary substances that will help the plant to remain vital and healthy.

Bananas are well known for their high potassium content, which helps you stay healthy and get the nutrients you need. Still, the crust of this delicious fruit is not for throw away as many of us think. The use of banana peel as an organic nutrition can be of great importance for the growth and development of our plants.

The bark of this fruit contains many ingredients that make the plant healthy. The banana peel contains phosphorus, which affects the flowers of the plant, while potassium helps plants to grow and grow, and calcium makes them stronger. Bark can be used as nourishment in many ways.

One form of nutrition involves cutting the bark into smaller pieces and burying it in the ground next to the plant. The banana peel will slowly decompose and the soil will be enriched with the minerals necessary for the plant to grow.


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