Orellana Perdiz: Three Generations of Making Pickled Partridge

Orellana Perdiz at London Newspaper

Since 1948, Orellana Perdiz SL has been specializing in the elaboration of partridge, which they have given an inimitable and unique experience. Three generations of making Pickled Partridge and Partridge Paté; keeping a limited production, without additives and preservatives. Their products do not contain gluten eggs, milk, or derivatives. Their recipes have been passed down from generation to generation, a legacy to which only certain members of the family have access.

Their Pickled Partridge has a low sugar content and is a source of protein and their Partridge Paté has also a low sugar content and is a source of protein but with iron and phosphorus.

Orellana Perdiz Gourmet has joined this year’s London Awards 2022 and has received a Gold Award for their Pickled Partridge, awarded by London-Newspaper.com.

Orellana Perdiz Pickled Partridge has received a Gold Award in London Awards 2022, awarded by London-Newspaper.com.

Cooked with the best Partridge, with the best extra virgin olive oil, wine, vinegar, and a unique touch of spices, they make a Partridge with its own personality, different, but very traditional.

Their Pickled Partridge is recommended to consume at room temperature, shake the pot gently so that it will properly mix with its pickled sauce, leave it for at least 5 minutes once opened, sliced it into two halves, and eat along with its own pickle.

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