Interview of Pesolillo Tenuta Agricola : Producer of Organic Wines

Pesolillo Tenuta Agricola by London Newspaper

The Pesolillo Agricultural Estate was founded in 1961 when grandfather Domenico sensed the viticultural potential of the wonderful Colle Rotondo on the outskirts of Chieti, close to the Adriatic coast of Abruzzo.

A family-run estate that also produces organic wines, Pesolillo Tenuta Agricola is committed to tradition while also focusing on a more contemporary style of working in the winery, where attention to detail and technology are crucial to the wine-making process.

In the interview shared below, we gain insights into the winery products with a fresh perspective on the values and qualities producer is looking for in the production journey.

Q. What is the core product of Your brand?

A. Our core product is wine.

Q. Tell us about the process Your product goes through, from sourcing to the packaging phase?

A. We are working in the whole production process: starting from the vineyards to the bottles

Q. What are the qualities You are looking for when creating Your product?

A. We are looking for very good wines in the glass, following the organic procedures. To achieve this we have to keep much attention to details in all the step: a good wine starts from healthy grapes and follows in the cellar preserving the quality of them

Q.  What makes Your product better than the one of Your competitor?

A. We try to put much focus in vineyards to keep healthy grapes until the maturation. Making an hand-harvest we can make an incredible selection of the bunches and it’s very important to have a good organic wine

Q. What is the greatest challenge You’ve encountered while creating Your product?

A. As an organic winery, probably the greatest challenge is to adapt our way of work to the climate change (hot temperature and less raining) respecting the tradition of our territory

The winery has recently been awarded Fives times in London Awards competition:

Pesolillo, Montepulciano d’Abruzzo doc Biologico 2021

Awarded Gold by London Newspaper

Pesolillo, Montepulciano d’Abruzzo doc 2020 Filari in costa

Awarded Gold by London Newspaper

Pesolillo, Pecorino doc Abruzzo Superiore Biologico 2021

Awarded Gold by London Newspaper

Pesolillo, Rosato IGT Terre di Chieti Biologico 2021

Awarded Gold by London Newspaper

Pesolillo, Montepulciano d’Abruzzo doc 2019 Riserva

Awarded Silver by London Newspaper

Winery Details :

Pesolillo Tenuta Agricola

Strada Colle Rotondo, 45 – 66100 Chieti

Telephone: +39 – 0871 360245

Email :

 P.IVA 00599220696

Website :