Which are the strongest alcoholic beverages in the world?


If you have ever wondered what are the strongest alcoholic beverages in the world and thought that absinthe was one of them, we will have to disappoint you that this is not true. These are the 5 strongest alcoholic beverages:

5. River Antoine Royale Grenadian rum
As its name implies, this rum comes from Grenada and contains an incredible 90% alcohol. It is made according to a centuries-old, traditional recipe. This excessive, pure rum was distilled from the fermented sugarcane using a mill.

4. Bruichladdich X4 quadrupled whiskey
Scots are known to make the best whiskey. The legend of this drink, written by travel writer Martin Martin in 1695, speaks of powerful alcohol called “dangerous whiskey” by locals. They explained to Martin in one sentence what a “threat” about this drink: “One sip and you will live forever; two sips and you will be blind; three sips and you disappear from the face of the earth.” Not only is it the strongest malt whiskey ever made, as it comes from a 17th-century recipe, it has been proven that it can also run a car.

3. Golden grain
On the bottle of this alcoholic beverage is a red label with an alarming warning informing how dangerous it is. In his presence, forget about smoking, as it is extremely flammable. How not to be when it contains 95% alcohol in it.

Otherwise, this drink is prohibited by law from being consumed in several US states, even though it originated in the US.

2. Everclear grain
This 95% alcoholic beverage has been banned in Canada and America for years, and in 1979 entered the Guinness Book of Records as the strongest alcoholic beverage in the world.

It has almost no taste, and it catches very quickly, so it has become a favorite of those just starting to drink. The exaggeration in this drink that must be consumed very carefully takes a few lives every year.

1. Spirytus Rektyfikowany
For all who have been wondering where the Polish representatives are on this list so far, here are the answers – there are two of them and they share the first place.

They have the same name, Spirytus rektyfikowany, they are vodka and contain an incredible 96% alcohol. The difference is only with the manufacturer.


Those who have tried this drink say the feeling when you drink it is the same as having someone punch you in the stomach. It is made of ethyl alcohol but has no strong odor or taste. Until it gets to your stomach, of course.

It is usually used for medicinal purposes or in the preparation of various fruit and vegetable liqueurs and desserts, but there are certainly some Poles who drink it and clean it. It is very dangerous, so it must be consumed in small quantities.


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